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MineCon Aftermath

November 21st, 2011, 1:21 am

I had so much fun this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada at the very first MineCon. No one knew who I was, but that's alright. I enjoyed the exposure and even met a few cool people, like Sam Cube who makes this really great web comic called Wondercraft. He was a big 'ol sweetheart! I really like his work, so you should definitely give his site a look if you don't already know who he is!
Our panel on Storytelling with Minecraft seemed to go down really well. I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable talking in front of large crowds of people and I didn't expect so many people to actually show up! We got this huge room and a lot of it was full. We got to show off a clip from our new cartoon (Admincraft) and lots of other stuff. I hope we can do it again next year!

After the con we had some fun making trouble in the casino...I didn't get to play my favorite game (roulette) but we got to see Deadmau5 in concert. Mosh pits aren't really my thing, but Deadmau5 has some nice tunes. Our friend, Ross, branched off somewhere in the night and ended up having some sort of situation similar to that movie The Hangover.
So I'm back home now. Getting back into the swing of things...lots of work to do. And all I can think of are video games! I really want to get a chance to finish Skyrim and start Skyward Sword. :)

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