March 9th, 2011, 7:14 pm

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Seriously though, if Hippo WASN'T such a terrible girl, wouldn't they make a cute couple? 8D

Also, I am not religious in any way, so I'm kinda wing'n all the churchy stuff. I USED to be heavily Catholic, then Christian...but now I'm just me. I guess that makes me agnostic. I used to pray every night before bedtime, so at least I know how that goes. lol

I'm accepting of cultural beliefs and ways of any kind and find them all interesting, but I apologize if I get something very wrong and out of place with the stories. :x
Hey, if you guys ever feel like enlightening me to your own ways, feel free! I'm always interested. :)

posted on March 9th, 2011, 10:20 pm


posted on August 18th, 2019, 5:16 am

Elaphant asking hippo...not a good idea.

posted on March 9th, 2011, 7:25 pm

I just find how he prays to God and how he asks for help from him so sweet ;u;
Good luck, elephant (:

posted on March 9th, 2011, 7:53 pm

I am agnostic,so I don't actually know anything about this kind of stuff...is that really how people pray to god? ...that's so CUTE! ^^ Like talking to a little friend in you mind...

Ohhhhh, I didn't insult anyone by saying that did I? o.0"" I'm sorry...I meant that in a nice way...I am just not smart with using words today.

posted on March 9th, 2011, 9:03 pm

it's how i pray to the grand master G, kitsunecat

that's one strong lil elephant

posted on March 9th, 2011, 10:04 pm

Daw <3 So cute.

posted on March 9th, 2011, 10:07 pm

Yeah. Christian, go to a Baptist church but I wouldn't call myself that....
Yeah. That's how prayer goes down sometimes. Not offended! It is my direct line to my Father in Heaven after all. Do try and be a little more respectful now that I'm older. Gotta be sober in spirit and mindful of my words.
Phant is adorable~ I've LOVED reading this comic, Rhino near broke my heart though D:
Not offended by anything and pretty right on jaxxy~

posted on March 10th, 2011, 1:45 am

Thanks Sarasocks and everyone else! Personally, I believe that as long as you try to be a good person then God/Adonai/Buddha/whatever/whoever your faith tells you to worship, shouldn't have much to complain about.

I really enjoy making this comic for you guys! :D The nice comments you all leave me keep me motivated and working on it and I can't thank everyone enough. <3

posted on March 10th, 2011, 3:03 am

Heya jaxxy, I've been reading this amazing and wonderful and adorable series for a little while now and have only jsut got the guts to say something;


I absolutely adore this and every time a new page comes out, it always makes my day. So thanks for being an amazing personf or a kick-ass series and I cannot wait till what happens next! Will Hippo reject 'Phant or does she really have a soft heart? So excited.

Again, I love it ^^

posted on March 10th, 2011, 5:44 am

It might just be me, but all this sudden stuff about sexuality and religion has kind of thrown me of. I feel this comic kind of lost it's edge for me. I liked the early chapter's MUCH more. Nothing personal, just personal opinion. I won't stop reading.


posted on March 10th, 2011, 2:42 pm

Well Frozen Keke, this comic is supposed to touch on different types of families, so the two gay parents and the religious parents would come up sooner or later.

Cute page Jaxxy! I kinda hope she does go with him ;u;

posted on March 10th, 2011, 2:49 pm

I used to be very religious, but it just stopped after awhile... anyway(!) The way elephant prays is really wierd to me. Ive been reading this like a childrens comic, and have enjoyed it but i have yet to see a comic address religion in any way (good or bad) I congratulate you on blowing my mind and I cant wait for the rest of his story

posted on March 10th, 2011, 4:17 pm

I like this page for how simple it is. It shows how kids pray, without the protocol and bells and whistles that always used to throw me off religious matters. Though I'm not a very religious person and don't particularly like hanging around religious fellows, Elephant is my second favorite.

posted on March 10th, 2011, 6:46 pm

If hippo says no...it's obiously a sign that God cares about him xD

posted on March 10th, 2011, 10:23 pm

Jaxxy, you don't have to defend what you post. You are free to post whatever you like.

posted on March 11th, 2011, 11:41 am

Thanks guys - you are all awesome! <3

posted on March 12th, 2011, 7:24 pm

The prayer is just fine, Jaxxy. There is nothing offensive about it. :)

I think it's cute and sounds like something somebody would say to God. :)

posted on March 16th, 2011, 1:12 am

I'm agnostic also but the wait he prays it so cute but warming. thank you for having such an awesome comic! <3

posted on May 4th, 2011, 8:51 pm

@KitsuneCat I'm Catholic, so I can tell you that's how I talk to God most of the time. Not sure about everyone else. Sometimes, it's more 'formal' if you will, but I don't think he minds either way. :3 God loves everyone no matter what.

posted on September 7th, 2011, 4:54 pm