A shy, humble, social outcast. She's very nice but unfortunately not everyone has the patients to get to know new people. She rarely talks but rarely needs to. She wants to desperately make friends and feel accepted by her peers.

The school bully. Almost everyone tries to keep their distance from him. He loves starting trouble and teasing others but doesn't realize how many people don't like it. Only associates with Zebra, Hippo, and Myna.

Hippo & Myna
Hippo and Myna stick with each other. They share and spread any gossip they hear...or made up. Their circle of friendship doesn't extend very far. They aren't very accepting of others - especially Hippo, as she is very self-involved and believes she's too good to associate with others.

He might only be a few inches tall but don't let his size fool you! Mouse is a bigger animal than most with courage and personality. He loves adventure and makes friends with almost everyone he meets. His family is very wealthy.

A nice, humble boy growing up in a rough neighborhood and a rough home life. He's not the best problem solver and usually just follows his friends around. He loves sugar but doesn't have the best hygiene.

An adopted artistic girl who loves her family dearly. She deals with Lion on a daily basis but she has friends that keep her spirits up.

Just about the kindest person to walk the planet, 'Phant is a loyal Christian with strong morals and a heart of gold.

About the Artist

Jaxxy is a freelance artist/animator who has always enjoyed drawing comics. Aminals is a free web comic drawn and written straight through based very loosely off real life problems and a few past experiences. I like collaborating with other artists and storytellers, so feel free to drop me a line and maybe we can figure something out.
You can catch me on other sites like DeviantArt, SheezyArt, and Newgrounds. Check out my animations sometime.

Link to Aminals! It's much appreciated. And feel free to use these graphics however you'd like.


Froken Keke made this picture of sad Giraffe from the first chapter, as well as guest appearances of a few Aminals characters in her own comic!
HaruTheAngel made this really cute drawing of Zebra and Giraffe!
Zebra and Giraffe commission by skarl3tte who is very awesome!
Here's another lovely piece from my good friend, Sage; Giraffe & Mouse
My good buddy, Nalem, mailed me this awesome group picture for Christmas! :D
Numanumaeh drew this little cutey of Giraffe, Mouse, and a peeping Zebra!
For my birthday, I got some sweet art from Nalem!
I really needed to put this up somewhere. :) Thanks very much, asiaticfox! Giraffe & Mum