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What I've been Procrastinating on...

Read this please if you are interested in what I've been do'n >


I know, I missed some updates...My grandfather passed not long ago and I am not taking it very well.
I'm feeling a bit better now and I will try to get back on track and crank some updates as soon as I can. Thanks for being patient. <3

MineCon Aftermath

I had so much fun this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada at the very first MineCon. No one knew who I was, but that's alright. I enjoyed the exposure and even met a few cool people, like Sam Cube who makes this really great web comic called Wondercraft. He was a big 'ol sweetheart! I really like his work, so you should definitely give his site a look if you don't already know who he is!
Our panel on Storytelling with Minecraft seemed to go down really well. I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable talking in front of large crowds of people and I didn't expect so many people to actually show up! We got this huge room and a lot of it was full. We got to show off a clip from our new cartoon (Admincraft) and lots of other stuff. I hope we can do it again next year!

After the con we had some fun making trouble in the casino...I didn't get to play my favorite game (roulette) but we got to see Deadmau5 in concert. Mosh pits aren't really my thing, but Deadmau5 has some nice tunes. Our friend, Ross, branched off somewhere in the night and ended up having some sort of situation similar to that movie The Hangover.
So I'm back home now. Getting back into the swing of things...lots of work to do. And all I can think of are video games! I really want to get a chance to finish Skyrim and start Skyward Sword. :)

Etsy Shop & Minecon 2011

Hope everyone had a fun and exciting Halloween this year! I know I did. :D
It took a little while, but finally I can sell stuff in my Etsy shop again! And the first thing I threw in there were the Aminals cards! GET SOME NOW because I'm never going to reprint these again and I only have 40 left. Why never a reprint? Because I get bored too quickly. I WILL PUT THOSE AMINALS PIN-BACK BUTTONS UP THERE....someday. Even though some people said they would buy them I just know no one I've been dragging by butt on that.
Anywho, in a couple weeks on the 17th I'm heading for MINECON in Las Vegas, Nevada! I might even be on a panel that talks about animation!! AHHH!! I am a little too excited...but if any of you are going to be there, I hope you drop by the panel and pay me a visit! :D

Free Minecraft Skins: Mouse and Zebra

Monday Updates Perminent!

Alright, so thanks for everyone who voted! Majority ruled over from now on, Monday will be the day a new page gets uploaded. Thank you SO MUCH for those of you who have donated to the comic this past couple weeks. Especially to one person out there (hopefully you know who you are) who said some very touching words with their generous donation. That is the reason why Aminals has stayed alive as long as it has. Not so much for money....because it really hasn't helped me financially up till this point...but I'm so happy that it brings some joy to a few people! <3

Seriously, thank you.
Happy Halloween everyone! Get lots of candy! Be safe Monday night, alright?

Etsy Hates Me

So yesterday night I tried to use my Etsy account to put some things up for Aminals...I hadn't logged in for at least a year, but I found that my account had been suspended. I sent customer support an e-mail about it, but still no word yet. Luckily my good friend helped me out and put up the stuff I wanted to sell on this site called FurBuy.
So check it out! 10 holiday greeting cards featuring Giraffe! More details available on the auction. It's about time I put something up for sale. I hope Etsy can remedy the suspension on my account (what the heck did I do anyway?!) so I can put up some more stuff.

Also, there will be no updates to the comic this week until I simmer down and figure out what to do. Don't forget to vote which day you want Aminals to update on the facebook fan page! Vote, vote, vote!

Big Updates

Walp, a lot of things are looking up for me currently. Our youtube channel just snagged a partnership with Machinima, along with a potential job opportunity. Lots of animations planned and well on the way. Commissions are booming. A promising job opportunity with the studio that makes Robot Chicken. And my roommate 'Egoraptor' got on the show The Tester! His face is currently decorating the website. If you have a PS3, be sure to tune in. He is one hilarious and entertaining character that will be sure to steal the show. :)
That said, with my schedule getting busy and all, I've been finding it super hard to keep up with Aminals. I've been noticing how sloppy the recent pages are...and I truly apologize. I just can't give it the time it deserves. Plus, the ad revenue doesn't really justify keeping it alive for so's amazing it lasted over a year as it is! I've never received a paypal donation of any kind from anyone through Aminals, but the fan art I've collected over the months has really warmed my heart and motivated me to keep going with it.
I'm doing as much as I can with it still, but I may need to cut updates down to 1ce a week or go on another month-long break. :( I hate to disapoint, but if you like my comic and want to support it/me, please take a few seconds to click on a google ad, visit the affiliates, or vote for the comic on top web comics. Share Aminals with your friends! It would help me out a great deal and tremendously help support the comic and keep it going strong.

...And we're back!

Welcome back to Aminals after the hiatus in the month of September! I announced that I was leaving for a few weeks to fly across the country to visit family. I'm happy to say I had a fantastic time visiting my old stomping grounds in New Hampshire and finally introducing my boyfriend/future husband to the whole family. They all seemed to adore him aside from a few jokes about 'making me an honest woman', but all in all, it was a great trip full of adventure that I will never forget.
October is going to be very hectic and I REALLY hope I don't have any issues keeping up with updating Aminals. The youtube channel that my boyfriend and I share is growing steadily and we have some very important updates in the works...but I shouldn't talk about it just yet. >_> Towards the end of this month I'll be releasing another cartoon.

Lately I've had to resort to some...dishonest business. Which is part of the reason why I fear I might fall behind on Aminals. We just moved into a big house an hour north from the city, so rent isn't that much more expensive but since we live in a HOUSE (vs the apartment we used to be in) we have all these other expenses we didn't have to pay I'm dreading the end of the month when the bill hits our door. XC But we'll see!
Anyways, if I do fall behind and you don't hear from me in a while I am truly sorry...but making money must come first. :( Aminals only brings me in a few pennies a week.

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